Update 11/9/2023

Release date:2023-11-08

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To ensure the stability of the game, enhance overall service quality and user experience, "Blood of Steel" will undergo maintenance on November 9th from 09:00 to 11:00 (UTC+8). During this period, the game world will be temporarily closed, and game matchmaking will be disabled around 08:45. Additionally, a comprehensive maintenance and backup of the account database will be performed. Please be aware that the maintenance start time may be subject to change based on specific work conditions. We kindly ask all players to plan the game time accordingly.
Update Details:
1. Hero Adjustments:
    a. Inahime
    ■ Modified the animation model when using a short sword.
    ■ Fixed the issue where Inahime's sprint attack did not consume stamina.
    b. Koxinga
    ■ Adjusted cannon voice: Limited the number of voice emissions and reduced sound distance attenuation.
    ■ Optimized command voice lines, voice volume is affected by distance after optimization.
2. Optimized the visual effects of all explosions within the game environment, reducing the particle effects generated by explosions that were causing game lag.
3. Improved the overall continuity of the w+alt running process, eliminating the intermediate stuttering.
4. In the competitive mode, the maximum number of items that can be listed for sale in the Market has been limited to 20.
5. Fixed the issue where some players' frames were abnormally disappearing.
6. Fixed the issue where it was still prompting to install games on a solid-state drive (SSD) even when the game was already installed on an SSD.
7. Fixed the problem of abnormal level restrictions in some game modes.
8. Fixed an issue where some heroes could quickly cancel their actions and continue to attack rapidly after hitting the target.
9. Fixed the mismatched hit path of Qin Liangyu's skill [Fighting Xiongnu].
10. Fixed an issue with abnormal damage for Spartacus in some scenarios.
11. Fixed the issue where it was not possible to reconnect properly after a disconnection.
12. Fixed the problem where login failures did not provide a return option, requiring the client to be restarted.
13. Fixed the issue where Han Xin's banner could not be attacked properly.
14. Fixed the issue where Open World Battlepass tasks were not refreshing correctly.
15. Fixed the issue of abnormal [Focus] recovery speed in special scenarios within the Open World.
16. Fixed the issue of the client becoming unresponsive after reconnecting in the Open World.

The <Blood of Steel> Development and Operations Team