Update 11/21/2023

Release date:2023-11-20

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To ensure the stability of the game, enhance overall service quality and user experience, " Blood of Steel " will undergo maintenance on November 21st from 09:00 to 11:00 (UTC+8). During this period, the game world will be temporarily closed, and game matchmaking will be disabled around 08:45. Additionally, a comprehensive maintenance and backup of the account database will be performed. Please be aware that the maintenance start time may be subject to change based on specific work conditions. We kindly ask all players to plan the game time accordingly.
Update Details:
1. Fixed an issue where the "Fan Lihua Awakening" skin's accompanying emoticon pack was not displaying properly.
2. Resolved a clipping issue where the cloaks inherent to characters Qin Qiong and Zhao Yun overlapped with certain other cloaks.
3. Addressed a bug in Agrippina's " God's Pretige" ability where silencing enemy generals was only effective during the first 0-12 seconds of attack; post-fix, the silence effect is active for 18 seconds.
4. Fixed an issue with Victoria where, after her shield breaks and switches to a spear, she was unable to revert back to her sword.
5. Corrected an issue in the “Returning Quests” where battlefield tasks were not completable.
6. Fixed an issue where incorrect popup messages were displayed after reconnecting from a disconnection.
7. Fixed an issue where email titles and contents were incorrectly encoded in certain scenarios.
The <Blood of Steel> Development and Operations Team