Developer Diary # 8: Introduction to new gameplay in Big World

Release date:2022-03-07

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Dear lords,
In January, we conducted a small-scale test of the new gameplay “the Big World”. During the test, the enthusiasm of the players far exceeded our expectations. Players spoke highly of the Total-War M&B-like mode. This made us have more confidence in the new gameplay!
In general, the Big World is a classic SLG game mode with a cycle of collection, development, and battle. In the first test, we opened 7 main cities such as Yuque. We need to collect material resources such as wood, quarry, and grain from the resource point. There are NPCs on the world map, such as thieves and rogues. We can also get materials after defeating them.
 The collected resources can be used for hero development and buildings upgrades. There are three types of buildings in your domain: resources, barracks, and technology. The technology route separates into “development” and “combat”. The development line can speed up resource output, and the combat line can improve the group attributes and unlock advanced units.
The gameplay has PVP and PVE modes. Currently, PVP is only for 1V1 PK in the field. We may add guild PK later.
 The first test is based on PVE, which is divided into basic campaigns and equipment campaigns. We can experience four combat modes for different levels: annihilation, stronghold attack, point defense, and stronghold guard. After successfully challenging all levels, you will unlock the more challenging Tower of Babel mode and the rarer weapons and items will be dropped from it.
In operations, Big World uses a combination of Total War and Mount & Blade. Each player can control five armies at a time and can form formations and release skills in the direction, or operate from the perspective of a single hero at a micro-level. The new combat mode has also been well-received by players.
After the first test, we will sort out the suggestions and ideas of players on the new Big World gameplay, and adjust and optimize the bugs and unreasonable settings found during the test. We will bring a more perfect and excellent Big World gameplay to every BoS fan! We will soon launch a new round test, so stay tuned!