The new gameplay will be launched after the maintenance on Dec.1

Release date:2022-11-29

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Dear lords,
The new SLG gameplay "Open World" will be officially launched after the maintenance on December 1! Due to the large update content of the new gameplay, the maintenance time is adjusted to 0:30-9:00 on December 1st (utc+8). It does not rule out the possibility of opening ahead of schedule or delayed due to specific conditions. Please arrange your time reasonably.
The Open World is a classic SLG game mode with a cycle of collection, development, and battle. You can march freely on the vast big map, collect resources to build territories, recruit and form powerful legions! In the battle, you can become the supreme commander and command the army to line up and move; you can also take the lead and enjoy the most enjoyable slashing experience!

After the new gameplay of "Open World" is launched, we have also prepared a lot of welfare activities for the monarchs, and a large number of resource gift packs will be given away, so that everyone can play and experience the new gameplay, and start a brand new adventure journey!