Upload a video to win YC Point

Release date:2022-12-02

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【Event time】

December 2nd - December 30th(UTC+8)

【way of participation】


After the new gameplay "open world" is officially launched, upload original videos on YouTube with the theme of "open world" gameplay (strategies, live broadcasts, and creative processing are all available)

After the event ends on December 30, all video data should be sent to in the form of an excel form (the format is as an example below).

【Activity Award】

The total video playback volume reaches 500: YC Point*6000, jade *6000
The total video playback volume reaches 3000: YC Point*30000, jade *30000

【Event Notice】

1. To ensure data preparation, please be sure to fill in the link of each uploaded video.
2. The video content must be original, belittling, reposting, plagiarism, resubmission of old manuscripts and other behaviors are prohibited, and all violations and cheating are prohibited. If the user achieves an abnormal increase in playback volume through abnormal means during the event, the reward qualification will be directly disqualified.
3. Rewards will be issued with the highest level of rewards.
4. Rewards will be issued within 15 working days after the event ends.