A letter to the players of 《Blood of Steel》

Release date:2023-04-20

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Dear lords,
Sorry to keep you waiting.
There have been some serious problems in the recent version, which have caused a series of downtime, freezes and other problems, which have affected the normal experience of many players. We would like to express our sincerest apologies to all of you. We are well aware of the magnitude of this problem and are fully committed to finding a solution. We rewrote the code related to the underlying interaction of some servers, modified the game engine mechanism, and adjusted the load capacity of the battlefield server. Although some problems were solved, some related problems were also caused. Due to the long duration of the project and the huge amount of code, this round of repair encountered many unexpected problems and took a lot of time.
Fortunately, there has been a major breakthrough in this problem recently, and it is believed that the problem of game lag will be solved soon. Thank you for sticking with us during this special time. Last week's version has been updated to fix some server lag issues, and this week will continue to fix the rest. We expect to solve most of the problems in next week's update, which caused the delay of the new version. I hope players can understand us Decision to prioritize stability issues.
Since its launch in May 2017 for 6 years, 《Blood of Steel》 has gained the support and love of a large number of players. Looking back on this period of time, we are sincerely grateful. We started from the same starting line as many cold weapon competitive games back then, trying to push this type of Mount&Blade games to more players, but only a few of them could persist until the end. Fortunately, because of your perseverance, we can go so far. We are deeply aware that players are always our treasure and the most precious person. Only by serving players well and allowing them to experience the fun of the game can the game develop for a long time.
In the future, we will make major upgrades to the technical part, improve the running speed of the client, improve the picture quality, and reduce the package capacity, so as to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent long-term operation and avoid similar problems.
In order to thank the players for their understanding and tolerance, we have prepared some activities and rewards.
1. Generals give it for free

After the next week's update, all players who log in will be able to get a general selection package including new generals (received in the game).
2. Special Battle Pass rewards

The Battle Pass will be updated next week. In order to thank the players for their support, we have decided to make a special Battle Pass.
Players who purchase Battle Pass for this period will receive additional reward packages.

I look forward to 《Blood of Steel》 can accompany you for another 5 years, 10 years, or even longer! Thank you again for your tolerance and support for our game.